She’s Not Me

How many times have spoken of the heir of Kate Moss?  That model that would unseat British model to changes and trends? A lot. The joke reaches a step further when her is the sister of Kate Moss, Lottie Moss, with just 13, who seems to follow her footsteps.

Named Charlotte, but now known as Lottie Moss, has plenty of attributes to be watching a future star is moving around the fashion industry about the young talent (especially the Fanning sisters, but that is another chapter).

Lottie Moss looks very pretty in the session that the photographer Andrea Carter-Bowman has done. There doesn’t seem to be 13 years.



She takes time Lottie grabbing some attention from certain media, especially this year with hes look at the wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, where she was a bridesmaid.


If we reminds that Kate Moss was discovered by Sarah Doukas of 14 years, one year more than Lottie Moss now, it comes to our eyes that it wouldn’t be so strange to her to become an iconic model like her sister is and always would be. This photo shows the first photo-shoot of the young Kate Moss.

Lottie Moss

3 thoughts on “She’s Not Me

  1. Lottie’s face isn’t as catchy as Kate’s…but she’s definitely on the right track dontcha think ?
    Regarding Fanning sisters…no comments ! Dakota looks fabulous but her younger sis is far too young to be showed like that (slutty-like). Hope Lottie doesn’t end like that !
    Nice entry sweetie ; )

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