Turning Page

It Is difficult to anticipate what can we expect from new collections, and it is even more difficult to infer what the new it color would be. But we can more or less elucidated is where trends can go by, as we know it has chosen the colors , the True Colors. Prints and colorful smooth reminiscent of the infinite paintings of Mondrian, and that while we have seen in various collections, as well.

Our proposal for the future, for the 2012/2013 winter color is mint, but still have to wait and see how events happen but it is clear that this color has been used on the latest collection of Dior and many more to come.


3 thoughts on “Turning Page

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  2. I must say I have also thought about the mint color as the next it-color for the upcoming season, so I am supporting your suggestion on that!
    Also, thank you for following me. I took a look on your blog and I must say I like what you are posting about. I enjoyed the vibe and all the posts so far. I am happy to finally find a new blog to follow over a long time! Best of luck in developing your blog!

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