Sex On Fire

Today we are going to deal with the impact and relevance in fashion of, Blake Lively the  American actress and model, who is better known for starting as Serena van der Woodsen in the television teen drama series Gossip Girl. She has also starred in movies, including Accepted, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, The Town and Green Lantern.

The lives of Blake Lively and Serena van der Woodsen,  increasingly resemble more. If the styles of Lively on the red carpet is almost as celebrated as those of the rich young on the Upper East Side, the actress has fulfilled a dream that could well be his alter ego on the small screen, starring in an advertising campaign for Chanel.

The campaign, designed for the line of Coco Mademoiselle handbags of this current year 2011 was a complete succes, and make Lively usually seen in the front row of the last shows of the firm and, by extension, has become one of the it girls preferred by Karl Lagerfeld. 

We are very pleased with the freshness that she always shows, in addition to its impressive image that has to rub shoulders with big fashion icons like Anna Wintour and has been also on the cover of Vogue magazine , we wish her a big future and has become one of the Print and Pattern girls to keep track.


16 thoughts on “Sex On Fire

    • Beth Grant Posted on Hey, I think this is really cool. I love the posts you make on dineerfft things you blame Lupus for. It is a funny side of blaming stray things on Lupus. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Thanks for Liking Peter’s Crazy Aunt and feel free to visit any time to access old and new content, PrintAndPattern! This post of yours is fantastic!

    My art is about re-appropriating the fashion image. Last summer one of my jobs was to play Karl Lagerfeld in his trademark outfit for an ad intended for mainland Chinese Maybelline ads!

    Slenderness comes when you suffer for your art. My leading lady and I shed poundage when she played Toni Roma and I, Sheldon Levene, in a mixed-race and mixed gender production here in Hong Kong of Glengarry Glen Ross.

    • Posted on I’d must test with you here, which isn’t something I uluasly do! I get pleasure from reading a post that will make folks think. Thanks for permitting me to remark!

  2. Blake Lively is one of the most beautiful actresses out there, in my opinion. She is able to look modern or old-school, to suit whatever the occasion demands. And she comes across as very down-to-earth in interviews. Good choice to feature her on your blog. I’ll look forward to reading more posts! And thanks for liking Chitalian Travels!

    • Posted on nice to see it’s still tough to make a movie in LA & your still stealing lnooticas Kai!!! looking good can’t wait to see what happens. Stormie

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