Between the Cheats

Amy Winehouse is still alive after five month when she died from excessive alcohol intake. Today is published in the UK the soul diva’s posthumous album and is expected to reach top selling album charts in dozens of countries. Remember our post about Amy’s huge impact on fashion and how the Lioness took the world: October Song
That makes me sick! the morbidity of buying an album from someone who died young relatively recently is linked to sales success, and the proof is that when Amy Winehouse just died, her two albums, ‘Frank‘ and ‘Back To Black‘ back to the first positions in the charts.

Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures

The new album by Amy Winehouse, ‘Hidden Treasures’ is composed of twelve previously unreleased songs, versions of other artists made by Winehouse of other singers, as well as new compositions.

According to label sources commented shortly after start editing the new album by Amy Winehouse, new reggae songs have a touch that did not like at first, but given the circumstances, this is the only way to publish an album of Amy Winehouse.

The first single is called ‘Our Day Will Come’ and already has video. In it, images of the highlights of Amy Winehouse follow one after another, reminding his fans that she was not all excesses and addictions, but great music.

A work of healing in which Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson, producer and personal friend of the singer from the first time, reviewed the footage, tapes discarded lost songs. The dialogue between rarities and findings, from the bossa “Girl from Ipanema” and a reggae version of the classic sixties “Our Day Will Come” to “Like Smoke” with the rapper Nas, with whom he had sung “Me & Mr Jones” in Back to Black – and “Between The Cheats”, a new song recorded in 2008 and was to be included on their third album.

The album also includes “Body and Soul”, Winehouse’s final studio recording and a duet with Tony Bennett was released as a single on 14 September 2011, in commemoration of what would have been Winehouse’s twenty-eighth birthday.

In this way, and not as expected, we hear new material from our dear Amy. that hurt us again due to the circumstances which wont allow hearing her iconic voice anymore in a live concert.

Though I’m rather blind
Love is a fate resigned
Memories mar my mind
Love is a fate resigned

10 thoughts on “Between the Cheats

  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing the new album. She was a troubled soul but an extremely talented musician.

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