Shut Up And Let Me Go

The firms are promoting a new type of advertising more and more sensory than a simple announcement. Dior is an expert in this campaigns as well, to carry a higher level of promotion. We again demonstrate to short Marion Cotillard for Dior in which it appears that false irony that both like to sell advertising.

Stress, like disconnecting a world of false appearances, an artificial world in the end are those brands that do not sell the lap of luxury but of that their own characters want to escape. Even of the Dior’s world.

At the end of the brand adds value false positive. We are involved with the story of Marion Cotillard, until we feel sorry for her and that false chaos. Higher when the final irony is she who “reveals” herself and the pictures are worth for Lady Dior campaign Rouge. Absurd.

Here you have some other photos featuring Marion for Dior 2012

6 thoughts on “Shut Up And Let Me Go

  1. I loved the Lady Dior short film; it made me chuckle a little. The ending was classic when she was having the totally meltdown; and everyone loved it.

  2. Definitely edgy and back storied, reminded me of window designs of the early 1970s. Marion Cotillard has a Noir face and seems loaded with a backstory, who uses fashion in self defense.

  3. Legs on girders,
    Skin on steel,
    The handbag’s hers
    She no longer cares…what you feel.


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