What Do You Take Me For?

The invite for today’s Chanel Couture show was a hint of the spectacle that was to come. A view from Chanel Air, how chic! And the show more than lived up to our expectations…

This week’s Couture shows taking place in Paris are more extravagant than ever, with the fashion pack in a flurry thanks to limited seating at Chanel. Why so limited? Because of the dramatic set, rumoured to rival any of Karl Lagerfeld’s other creations — and that’s saying something. This morning, we discovered just what that meant.

We were ushered through a white tunnel into a space designed like the inside of an oh-so-chic jumbo jet — yes, really! — complete with a bar cart. It’s in-flight service how you always dreamed it should be…

The aisle was the catwalk, lined with grey aeroplane seats and peep-hole windows. And there’s no economy class for Chanel

7 thoughts on “What Do You Take Me For?

  1. Print and Pattern, prepare for take-off! What a fantastic post and catwalk. Love the pics. How clever. I would have purchased a ticket. For the love of dramatic ritz and glitz, ever since the launch of holiday windows and lights at Printemps in Paris, my heart now belongs to Karl Lagerfeld! He was there in the flesh! (I’m now “jonesing” for one of the silver airplanes! Bravo!) Theadora

  2. He pulls something new out of the bag every season doesn’t he? Shudder at the construction of those 3/4 sleeve coats – wouldn’t have wanted to be the seamstress! Beautiful!

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