Roman Holiday

After the clear crush between the house Mulberry and beloved Lana Del Rey, it was a matter of time that the firm has created the “Del Rey Bag”, dedicating to her handbag to the new “It Girl”. Mulberry has done this with other trendy girls like Alexa Chung, and this time the house has introduced the “Del Rey Bag” in the parade of the Autumn / Winter 2012.

Lana, who once again delighted the guests with his voice, had appeared in the front row of the parade carrying on his shoulder that object of desire. Well, if you like carrying it, too bad, because it is a model designed exclusively for the singer. But do not despair, the “Del Rey Bag” will be available in other colors from May, and its base price will be 940€.

continue reading and see some photos of the front row, full of celebrities including our beloved Michelle Williams, and Lana’s arrival.

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