What Goes Around Comes Around

Print and Patterns, today we will do a review of one of our P&P girls, and her is none other than Blake Lively. I know that will you be tired of hearing about her or her style. But, both their retractors and their praisers, have reasons for still loving a little bit of her being and taste. Some posts of Blake in Print and Pattern : Sex On FireTrack 1Learn To Be Lonely, etc…

The girl with the constant smile, there where you see, has matured and grown up when it comes to fashion, or so we see it. Manhattan’s elite “it” girl can not wait to show off her combinations of clothing or complements, since she made clear that is Blake herself who chooses her outfits, the fashion world seems to be opened as always to our Twenty first Century Carrie Bradshaw .

I must admit that sometimes, the girl does not succeed at all with some of her choices, but as I said this girl seems to have overcome its most colorful and pseudo-teen to become a real mature woman, with of course her own style.

Blondes do it better?

Here’s one of my favorite moments of this last season, this tribute to our favorite icons represented in the series; Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. The Upper East Side version of “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

This is fulfilled within the sets of Gossip Girl or outside the series that led her to fame, she has found a unique style that favors her innate beauty;  based on the mixture of articles of top brands with others low-cost.

Here is our review of the best looks of this year accompanied by some comments and of some of our favorites in the series.

This white and pastel blue Valentino, she wore last February is one os our favorites, the dress is not our devotion, but it looks great on her.

To end one of our favorites, in the presentation of a cupcake designed by our girl, that will give the sales to Benefiting Oxfam Somalia’s famine disaster fund. Blake’s S’mores cupcake is “so delicious,” thus describes the actress her creation.

Blake is wearing Gucci and finished her look with Brian Atwood’s green patent leather “Maniac” pumps.

4 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. I love that summery look with a striped top and tiny skirt. She looks so fresh there. I also notice she likes green – there is very often a touch of green in her outfits 🙂

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