The Boys, The Girls, They All Like CARMEN

Treating fans with another artsy offering to enjoy, Lana Del Rey has released the music video for her single “Carmen”. We are so delighted with the Video because it reminds of the videos we used to do in our free time, lately our gift for our hundred post, that also features the song “Summertime Sadness” from Del Rey; Take A Bow.

From her album titled Born To Die, the 25-year-old posted the new video on YouTube on Saturday (April 21) while tweeting to her many fans:

“Made you something. CARMEN explains everything.”


Mis Del Rey later showed her appreciation to those who helped create the “Carmen” video. Tweeting :

– which was comprised of numerous old movie clips and current behind the scenes footage –  “Thank you to all of the beautiful filmmakers that helped make this video.”

Meanwhile, fans of Lana can look forward to watching her perform on the hit UK show “The Voice” on Sunday, April 29th.

All the upper photos are from the photoshoot for Vogue, by Mario Testino, that we love!

Finally, pictures of her last appearance in a London Jazz Cafe. wearing this Guns N’ Roses T-Shirt, where she performed for the first time “Carmen”

6 thoughts on “The Boys, The Girls, They All Like CARMEN

  1. I love this song! She’s beautiful, the song’s beautiful and I get so frustrated when people say her lyrics are ‘not exactly English literature material’. Sigh.

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