Raf Simons, Replacing John Galliano, presented the collection ‘Haute Couture’ for autumn-winter 2012-2013

Millions of flowers adorning the walls of the room. An environment that was the setting for the debut of Raf Simons as creative director of Dior in place of John Galliano. And what better way to present it in the date the most luxurious and spectacular week of  the world, the haute couture week in Paris.

With its proposals for fall-winter 2012-2013, Raf Simons, does  an analysis of the most representative codes of Dior, but adapt them to the present. In fact, the line ‘New Look’ was a prominent part of the show. He also reinterpreted the “Miss Dior dress”

Silhouette: Waists well defined, pronounced  hips. The shoulders, better naked, and chest, very structured.
Colours: Black and midnight blue, compared with fluorine and pastel tones.

Continue reading for more pics and a video of the show.

3 thoughts on “ET DIOR… CRÉA LA FEMME

  1. Its brilliant accomplishment is that element of the line in which a business aesthetic just animates, but does not do more…the trench coat as haute couture dress, the black suits that are not suits at all.

    An unrelated point from a provincial bumpkin – I yearn for the day when tradition is toppled, and a model’s facial expression is not viewed as a visual distraction from a line: I’m so weary of that purposeful zombie pout, simutaneously (and inexplicably) blank AND arch.
    Face it, if this group walked toward you in a dark alley, you’d run for your life. (:

    Great job, great pics, great video! Thanks!

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