Azealia Banks name has spread quite strongly in recent months though, so far, she has only a four-song EP on the market.

Before putting the worldupside down in early 2012 with “212“, the song that changed her course, Azealia was studying acting in a Harlem school in NYC, when all of a sudden the lyrics of her “212” where heart by the “Trend Hunter” Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, and hired her at a Party some months ago. Then she released 1991-EP. After the great the great response she decided to record a full album. Also remarkable her remix of Lana Del Rey‘s “Blue Jeans“.

The release of their first studio album has already been delayed several times, but is expected to be available in autumn this year.

Before publication, the singer has shared with his followers dropped mixtapes. She defines it as a kind of first record, a rare project, something like a test in which she tried “to do the coolest things she can”. you can download “FANTASEA” right here : FANTASEA

So many celebrities are hooked with her such as Cara Delevingne, that is also a friend of hers, what we can’t deny is that Azealia and the Fashion will always be joined, without it she wont be standing where she is now. Ladies and Gentlemen give a stand ovation to the new princess of Hip-Hop. you can Follow her on Twitter :  @AZEALIABANKS

5 thoughts on “NEPTUNE

  1. Great post. I listened to the mixtape this week and tweeted how I really love her lyrical flow and out of this world beats. L8r is my favorite single right now.

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