Knightly Knightley

When Harper’s Bazaar met Keira Knightley. The Anna Karenina actress opens up to Jennifer Dickinson about Chanel, wedding dressing, and when she is happiest.

“There’s this misconception that Keira Knightley is a moody, perennially pouting reluctant star, but my experiences couldn’t be more different. That huge grin we’re so used to seeing in movie theatres is constantly hovering around her face when she’s relaxed.”

Shot by legendary photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and styled by Cathy Kasterine.

“In fact, the thing about Keira is just how likeable she is,” Dickinson reveals. “She makes no attempt to hide her supposed flaws, such as her introspection or the extreme nerves that turn every red carpet into a gauntlet, she swears continuously and unaffectedly, and when our interview has finished and she has snuck out the back way to thwart the paparazzi at the entrance, she sends her lovely driver, who has worked with her for years, back to check on me and see whether I need a lift anywhere.”

The two talked like old friends for hours on the roof top of London’s Shoreditch House earlier this summer for the exclusive and revealing interview that accompanies Keira’s first ever British Bazaar cover shoot.

Her role as one of Karl Lagerfeld’s faces for Chanel, the importance of girl friends, including what to wear for her best friend’s wedding, and her new starring role alongside Jude Law in Anna Karenina were all on the agenda. As were frank revelations about dealing with acute shyness and finally finding happiness, and love, as she nears the end of her twenties.

“This is a woman it would be very easy to be friends with,” says Dickinson. “And the type of friend who would always be there for you. The type of friend it is not always easy to find. I think you would even forget this friend was an international A-list star, until she cracked that incredible smile.”

Read the full interview and see our stunning portfolio of images in the September Issue of Bazaar, on sale on Thursday 2nd August

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