Calvin Klein Pre-Fall 2013


Calvin Klein presented in New York their Pre-Fall 2013 collection. Keeping the fidelity to their minimalist style, the firm proposes black and white, the combination that is repeated in more each time which we love, in addition to camel.


Francisco Costa showed 20 classic looks composed but updated shapes, colors and textures. The silhouettes are formed by layers, with high collars, vests and coats very structured with oversized lapels. They emphasize tight waists and skirts with double opening, highlighting the female forms. As always, the distinctive touch of signature; minimal.

calvin-klein-collection-w-pre-fall-13-120612_ph_lecca,dan-17calvin-klein-collection-w-pre-fall-13-120612_ph_lecca,dan-14 calvin-klein-collection-w-pre-fall-13-120612_ph_lecca,dan-12 calvin-klein-collection-w-pre-fall-13-120612_ph_lecca,dan-11 calvin-klein-collection-w-pre-fall-13-120612_ph_lecca,dan-10 calvin-klein-collection-w-pre-fall-13-120612_ph_lecca,dan-01

3 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Pre-Fall 2013

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  2. gina, one pinky step at a time and one moment at a can do this my small step and you have tools and love,xolaura

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