“Iconic hairstyles”. Many times we have heard this concept, and we wanted to do a post about it. An iconic hairstyle must be an object of instant desire, the woman wearing it must be eclipsing. It has to be part of a period of time to be iconic, being the inspiration of later decades and with the possibility to be reinterpreted many times. In this post we share the most enviable hairstyles of our favorite actresses.


Louise Brooks, dancer and actress of the 20’s, has become history as the ambassador of bob cut, one of the most fashionable hairstyle today. The characteristics of a real bob are: Extra hair limp and geometric bangs and neck uncovered, Keira Knightley or Anna Wintour are two of their ardent followers.

0061-louise-brooks louise_brooks-balarena1

Greta Garbo, the beautiful actress of the 30’s with perfect features. Her life was a continual mystery, much like the elegant sadness on his face, always wearing glamorous waves.


Marlene Dietrich starred in Shanghai Express and The Scarlet Empress, femme fatale in the 20’s and natural rival of Greta Garbo. Her perfect legs, secured in a million dollars at the time, walked, danced in movie screens everywhere. Just as the arch of her eyebrows or that asleep-like look, wavy blond hair that looked, an actress with a tremendous dramatic expression in her face.

annex-dietrich-marlene-desire_01 la_nueva_tendencia_son_los_labios_burdeos_957755103_800x

She was the “most beautiful animal in the world.” And her brown hair and green eyes first conquered Hollywood and later the entire universe, but her heart always belonged to Frank Sinatra. Ava Gardner was an icon of the twentieth century and a myth of the Seventh Art. Always bragged of being in control of herself, moody and elegant. As much as her mane of stiff waves and with lots of volume.

55501_ava-gardner_or_ava-gardner_1600x1200_(www.GdeFon.ru) Annex - Gardner, Ava (Beach, The)_NRFPT_01 mogambo 4

Despite her small stature, 1’51 meters, shooting fellow accused her of stealing every scene with her mere presence on the screen. Long hair, the line marked on one side and one eye hidden between platinum waves was well-known iconic “peek a boo” hairstyle, Veronica Lake.

936full-veronica-lake Veronica-Lake-photos

Lauren Bacall and her mane clear were enough to be on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in 1941, with only 17. Three years later, at 20, married Humphrey Bogart, 45 years, writing a love story together so romantic that could only happen in Hollywood. She never changed her haircut: wavy bob with a slight quiff. And that will be remembered.

936full-lauren-bacall Bacall In Beads

A voluptuous wrap, carnal, perfect, trapped in fragile spirit that only wanted one thing throughout her life: to be loved. Marilyn Monroe, perhaps one of the most universal icons of all time, lived the painful dichotomy of being the most desirable woman in the world and  the feeling of being alone. “A career is a wonderful thing, but it does not serve to snuggle on a cold night,” said the actress. Her platinum blonde hair waves made ​​by curler, remain today the sexiest hairstyle par excellence.

Marilyn Monroe marilyn-monroe-36285

Very deep black eyes, thick eyebrows, very short bangs that only suit her just and the most copied bun in history (The one she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s). Audrey Hepburn is the definition of delicacy, the quintessence of femininity, elegance in the fullest  sense of the word. There would never be a girl like her. But with Audrey we find two iconic hairstyles, yes we’re talking about the short Pixie Cut she wore in Sabrina, copied by thousands of others throughout history.

Sabrina-audrey-hepburn-824943_1300_1629 MCDBRAT EC006 702_2_Sabrina2

Sexual icon, actress, it girl, model, singer … The 60’s in France were to Brigitte Bardot, or BB, as she liked to be called. The Bardot eyeliner became fashionable, the diastema (a small gap between her teeth) and a blonde hair with long bangs  with volume behind.

Annex - Bardot, Brigitte_42 hqcityBrigitte-Bardot-2


Lana Del Rey is still creating a character related with the “look back to the past” look to create a place in this industry and I think she is getting there, her style at Paris Haute Couture Week is the confirmation. The American singer will still associated with all possible icons, including Jacqueline Kennedy (NATIONAL ANTHEM). Meanwhile, in the hair, still looking for that site left by Amy Winehouse.

And few days ago she tried to fight gravity on a look that I brought to mind an image of Mad Men, a 60’s style but too excessive? Will turn into fashionable this hairstyles again as she did with Flower diadems (WALTZ OF THE FLOWERS? By the way she look great with that light blue short dress.

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She’s So Lovely

Lending her photogenic self to the popular publication, Kate Moss offered up an artsy spread included in the April 2012 issue of Vogue. With an esthetic that moves between 20’s and the look ‘Marie Antoinette’.  The 38-year-old English model teamed up with photographer Tim Walker for the much-awaited multi-page feature titled “Checking Out”. 

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The Entertainer

They already warn us in The Artist, life will never be in color but black and white. And this spring and summer 2012 and life will be lived in white and black, either staring at the moon from an desert beach or dreaming of the moon in a downtown bar.

Also, The Roaring 20 invade us both in fashion and in the movies. The film “The Artist”, directed by Michel Hazanavicius and starring Jean DujardinBerenice Bejo and John Goodman, is a film tribute to silent movie,  and the first stars of Hollywood. The costume design is by Mark Bridges. The Artist is emerging as one of the favorites on the night of the Oscars, with 10 nominations. While we wait for the big night of the film awards we’ll review the costumes for the film and how to get a 20’s look.

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