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Today, we say goodbye to 2012, and we can’t go without reviewing the best magazine covers of 2012. Some of original, others are a great work and others for the risk or the creative direction. As we did with our favorite BEST DRESSED 2012 these are the best covers of 2012. We would love to hear your opinions too!

Kate Moss 2


We can not let pass the end of the year without stressing the best covers of this 2012. We shall start with those who risk, we do not like repetitive and non-original covers, the ones which we are accustomed to. In this times of crisis, we should be two things; unique and workaholics … We started with W Magazine‘s cover featuring Kate Moss dressed as nun, also the meeting in the same cover of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell for Interview. Irving Penn‘s inspired Interview cover with Lana del Rey. Marion Cotillard, with a red Dior Couture outfit looking like a masterpiece for W Magazine, Scarlett Johansson‘s Psycho inspired cover, or Cara Delevingne looking fierce and wet for Tush Magazine.

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In late August, H&M announced the collaboration of Lana del Rey as image for this Autumn-Winter 2012 (BLUE VELVET) with a series of photographs and videos. And a few hours ago, the Swedish firm published the second part of this collaboration, with a campaign much darker than the last one.

If in the pictures that we saw in late summer the singer posed with flowery clothes and pastels, this time we see a more sober, with cardigans sweaters, perfect leather leggings, fur vests coats and feathers.

In the images taken by photographer Sølve Sundsbø we see the American singer in a garage next to an old car with a very Old Hollywood style without which it would not be Lana Del Rey. Continue reading


Lana del Rey intends to continue giving life to her successful and controversial debut. The New York singer has become one of the biggest names in music last year.

After starring in the latest campaign for a H&M (BLUE VELVET), the singer announces the release of Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. This is a reedition of her first album, which also contains nine new songs.

Among these new songs we can find this, entitled “Ride

Besides “Ride” on Born To Die: The Paradise Edition will also include the version of “Blue Velvet” Lana plays in that H&M TV advert (which has become popular to the point of having already several remixes). Continue reading


Lana Del Rey‘s cover of the classic song Blue Velvet premiered Wednesday – and here’s the full video for it. It serves in pieces as the TV ads for H&M’s F/W ’12 and since the aesthetics are full on 1950‘s  – a music video by director Johan Renck. Lana Del Rey is the face of H&M’s fashion collection for autumn 2012. BLUE VELVET

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Lana Del Rey looks fabulous with a floral Gucci dress on the cover of Vogue Australia‘s October 2012 issue. Here is what the 26-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

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